Understanding The Mission

The mission of LittleGhosts has always been to create a fun and sustainable play-to-earn game based on realistic revenue models and participation in the network. In recent times, we have seen the release of many play-to-earn games that have gained popularity due to first mover advantage. These games are often powered by an inflationary token that prints out magic money out of thin air. Often times, these tokens end up collapsing, losing players more money than they even earned playing the game. Once these games' revenue models collapse, they are left with nothing but an un-fun game.

The solution is to create play-to-earn games that are not based on an inflationary token. We have created a deflationary token and different revenue model that is based on the game's earnings, trading volume, and how many tokens the player currently holds. You can read more about our revenue model here. Since the play-to-earn revenue model is based on the earnings and trading volume from the day before, players can see how much they will be making the next day. The game's earnings should be based on the game's success, NOT other people's money from an inflationary token.

In order to achieve success, we are taking our time to build a successful and fun game that is not a crypto game. We are not building a crypto game, but a game that implements crypto aspects. We are building a game that flawlessly integrates the crypto and regular game experience, so even if you do not know anything about crypto, it will not matter. Ultimately, we want to create a great product that can help onboard and teach new people about cryptocurrency. We also want to create a great product that has longevity and can last for many years to come once built.

LittleGhosts is not just an MMO, it is an ecosystem of many things. Our ultimate mission is to build and innovate. While others are creating unrealistic ponzi schemes to lure people into their ecosystem, we are building in a proper, transparent manner.