Meet the LittleGhosts Team

LittleGhosts was founded on August 22, 2021 by Tyeler, our lead developer, and Niko, our artist. Since then, our team has grown to include several core members who work on various aspects of the game. Here is a list of the current team members:

Tyeler - Founder & Developer

Tyeler is the founder and lead developer of LittleGhosts. He is responsible for coding the game and creating our various solidity contracts. He also handles many other behind-the-scenes tasks and puts everything together.

Tyeler is 22 and currently resides outside of Los Angeles, California. He has always had a passion for games and LittleGhosts MMO will be his first greatest accomplishment.

Jeff - Full Stack Developer

Jeff is our full stack developer who handles mostly everything web-related. He is responsible for the front-end of the website and the back-end.

Gordan - Game Design

Gordan is the lead game design for LittleGhosts.

Pro - Business Manager

Pro is the business manager for LittleGhosts. He is responsible for all business outreach that LittleGhosts has. He also makes sure all the required business documents are submitted in a timely manner. He handles all of the collaborations that LittleGhosts does as well.